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Gina Horkey

I thought you would want to know that I am really impressed by Paid to Blog Jobs! I honestly feel that I've built up my business where I could be doing it full-time (thanks in large part to you and your services).

Gina Horkey, Paid to Blog Jobs member

Why Use Paid to Blog Jobs?

I've been a freelance blogger and content publisher for over five years, and in that time I've experienced my fair share of frustration in searching through online jobs boards.

Put simply, there's an awful lot of junk out there. It can be all too easy to miss the quality job diamonds in the rough. And even when you do find something, it feels like the opportunity will have already been grabbed by somebody else.

I created Paid to Blog Jobs so that you can find and secure more quality jobs that many others won't find in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.

How Does Paid to Blog Jobs Work?

Our members pay for Paid to Blog Jobs because it makes them far more money than it costs. Here's how:

  1. We find the listings so you don't have to. Every day, my researchers and I spend literally hours trawling through over 50 separate sources (many of which are lesser-known) in search of high quality freelance blogging job opportunities on almost every imaginable topic.
  2. We find the listings you won't. You're busy. You certainly don't have half the day spare to chase down every viable job opportunity out there. But we do; and when we find them, we give them to you.
  3. We enable you to accurately evaluate job listings in seconds. Job listings are added to Paid to Blog Jobs with all the key information presented clearly. Discover the most important details (such as the client, rate and article word count) without ever leaving the main listings page.
  4. We provide job listing details in a uniform, uncluttered interface. Many job listings sites are poorly designed or packed with advertisments. Each job listing featured on Paid to Blog Jobs has its own dedicated and uniform page that contains all of the information included on the original job listings site page.
  5. We maintain a 75+ strong database of paid guest posting opportunities. If you're interested in bolstering your portfolio or simply earning some extra money, we have tens of paid guest posting opportunities for you to pick from.
  6. We provide you with comprehensive pitching guides Finding job opportunities is just the first step – landing them is the second. That's why your Paid to Blog Jobs membership includes a comprehensive guide to sending winning pitches.

It takes us several hours a day to find all of the viable freelance blogging opportunities available across the web. With Paid to Blog Jobs we do the legwork for you – even giving you the guidance you need to submit winning pitches.

The end result? What would otherwise take you hours can be done in minutes, and you end up with more paying clients than you ever would have without Paid to Blog Jobs.

Testimonials From Successful Paid to Blog Jobs Members

Don't just take my word for how beneficial Paid to Blog Jobs can be for you – our members have plenty of positive things to say:

Carl Frie

I just want to say thanks for creating Paid to Blog Jobs – it really solves the problem of hunting down writing and blogging gigs.

Carl Frie
Anna Roberts

Wowza @tomewer Just joined your Paid to Blog Jobs and there are so many great sounding jobs in there! Now to work through the list...

Anna Roberts (via @TweetedByAnna)
Afton Jones

There's a lot of great jobs from many sources. No way I'd be able to cover that much ground on my own.

Afton Jones
Ruth Potulin

Paid to Blog Jobs is fantastic and well worth the money. Thank you for your help!

Ruth Potulin

Who's Behind Paid to Blog Jobs?

Tom Ewer

Hello! My name is Tom Ewer and I am a professional blogger.

I started freelancing in 2011, earning $20 per hour. These days my rate is closer to $150 per hour. My success has come despite me nearly failing English at school and having no prior writing experience or qualifications.

My writing has been published on some of the world’s biggest blogs, including Mashable, Lifehacker, Smashing Magazine and SitePoint. I am also the founder of and

I have made it my mission in life to open people's eyes to the awesome opportunities that freelance blogging presents.

Is There a Guarantee?

Money Back Guarantee

Absolutely. I want to make your investment in a Paid to Blog Jobs membership my risk – not yours.

I offer a Full Money Back Guarantee within the first 28 days of your membership, no questions asked.

It doesn’t matter why you want your money back – just shoot me a quick email and I'll refund your money in full without question or exception.

Why would I offer such a comprehensive guarantee? Two reasons:

  1. I have complete confidence in the quality of this resource.
  2. I want you to have complete peace of mind in purchasing your membership and only want you to pay for this resource if it provides a return on your investment.

Put simply, I have made your decision to become a member of Paid to Blog Jobs entirely risk-free because I know that I can help you to make more money than you would on your own.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Any Questions?

I'm always happy to help! Just email me: tom [at] paidtoblog [dot] co and we'll get straight back to you.